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A TV crew followed one of our patients, when he underwent a transplant in our clinic in Istanbul

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Hair transplant price

When you choose us we will take care of everything. In the combined package solution we will make sure that everything is planned and organized. You just need to lean back and enjoy your stay I Istanbul.

The price of The full package is 19.995 kr. The package includes:

  • A nice and permanent result with the highly advanced FUE technology
  • PRP treatment
  • Natural result and healthy hair that will continue to grow your whole life
  • Painless hair transplantation done under local anesthesia. No stitches or scars
  • A max of approximately 4500 grafts transplanted in one session
  • Consultations and blood samples
  • 3 overnight stays on a 4-stared hotel – breakfast included
  • Transportation between the airport, the hospital and the hotel
  • Contact person during the whole process

The procedure

The hair transplantation will be conducted in a modern clinic in Istanbul. The clinic has the most advanced technology and some of the most experienced doctors. The treatment will only take one day and you can travel safe home the day after or stay in Istanbul without further charge.

Dag 1 - Ankomst
Day 1


  • You travel to Istanbul
  • Your chauffeur pick you up in the airport
  • You will be transported to your hotel
Dag 2 - Transplantation
Day 2

Hair transplantation

  • Your chauffeur will transport you to the hospital
  • Experienced doctors will conduct the hair transplantation
  • You will be transported back to the hotel
Dag 3 - Hjemrejse
Day 3


  • You will be transported to the clinic
  • Follow-up conversation and after-treatment
  • You will be transported to the airport or choose to stay in Istanbul

New hair gives confidence

Meet Thomas and Martin and hear what they think about their new hair

Hair transplantation

A hair transplantation is for people who experience balding areas in the scalp ad wants to reestablish these areas with hair. With the FUE hair transplantation method preexisting hair are removed from the patient’s scalp, often from the back and side of the scalp, and replaced at the balding areas with no or thin growing hair. The hair is being removed from these placed because this is the places where the hair is most thick and dense.

The treatment is professionally being conducted in Istanbul, Turkey. The patient can feel completely safe because of the closely planned course of the treatment. We will take care of transportation, hotel stay, contact person etc. Certified doctors with many years of experience in the field of hair transplantation are located in Istanbul. They have a lot of experience and are extremely professional and competent. Another great advantage by getting the treatment in Istanbul is the price which is a lot cheaper that many other places in the world.

Why choose FUE hair transplantation?

The FUE hair transplantation method is very effective because of the hairs ability to stay in the scalp once it is planted – it will not fall off again. The hair will not fall off again because it is transplanted form areas in the scalp where hair do not naturally fall off and this quality is maintained after the transplantation. Therefore, you will have no reason to be nervous about your head getting balled this place again.

The treatment with FUE hair transplantation

The treatment is minimal invasive and are gentle to the scalp. It also has a short recovery time. Because the hair is removed and replaced separately – one hair at a time – the treatment has a discrete cosmetic appearance after the procedure which is a great advantage compared to other hair transplantation methods.

The treatment is conducted under local anesthesia and does not have prolonged pain for the patient after the treatment why it is the most gentle hair transplantation for the scalp to undergo in comparison to other techniques. There will be no scarring after the treatment and most people go to work just a few days after their hair transplantation.

After the hair transplantation, the transplanted hairs need to adapt to the new environment. It will take 12-15 months before the hair is full-grown and the balding area is covered of thick strong hair. After the treatment, the transplantation is visible and the hair itself will begin to grow after 10-12 weeks past the transplantation.

I want to know mor

Please contact us today and have a non-obligational talk about your hair situation with us. Vi can tell you more about your options and the treatment and also answer your questions. Together we will find out what the best solution is for you.

I want to hear more

Contact us today and let us take a non-binding talk about your hair condition. We will talk about the possibilities, the treatment and answer your questions.

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