Hair transplant

The popularity of hair transplantations has increased in the past years and that is why we have assembled a package that will make sure that you get the best experience and result. A hair transplant is a great choice if you are struggling with hair loss and wants to do something about it.
We offer hair transplants in a specialized clinic in Turkey, where experienced doctors will execute the hair transplant. In Turkey, there is a bigger market for hair transplants and that is also the reason why the doctors here are very professional and experienced on this field.

Hair transplant

Hair transplant before and after

You are qualified for a hair transplant if you have experienced hair loss. If your hair loss has stabilized and are not increasing, you are a great candidate for a hair transplant. You can experience hair loss if your hair is receding and the temples get exposed or if you get at balled spot on top of the head. Many men experience hair loss these places because of their genetic disposition. Much hair loss is genetically recalled from male family members and therefore you can expect to experience the same type of hair loss as, for example, your father.

If you have a hair loss that you are unhappy with you can get a hair transplant. You can contact us through our website and a process will begin where we assess how we can help you. When the date is set for your hair transplant you are ready to go to Istanbul, Turkey. You trip here will last for three days. The first day you arrive, the next day you will get the hair transplant and the last day is for your departure.

When you get home you can go straight to work the following day. Within a week the crust from the treatment will fall off. The transplanted hair will go through several phases and will eventually start to grow. The result will be within 12-15 months after the treatment. The result will be 100% natural and will have grown out as normal hair. The transplanted hair is not going to fall off again and you can enjoy your hair transplant the rest of your days.

See some Hair transplantation results

Hair transplant

We only work with the best certified and professional doctors who will make sure that your new hairline or you baled spot are going to look great with full grown hair again.

Hair transplant results

You can expect a very natural look after your transplantation. Our doctors make sure that every single graft is being placed perfectly in sync with the rest of your hair. The transplanted hair will blend in naturally with the rest of your hair. Examples of a hair transplant gone wrong are often seen in places where less experienced doctors perform the hair transplantation. In countries where the marked is smaller doctors perform different types of cosmetic procedures but that is not the case in Istanbul, Turkey, where the market and the mentality around getting a hair transplant is bigger and much accepted. The doctors that we use are doctors who only perform hair transplantations and do it every day. In Turkey, they are well renounced in the field of hair transplantation and they perform some of the best hair transplantations in the world.

FUE Hair transplantation

The FUE hair transplantation method is the gentlest method within hair transplantations. The method is simple. A graft from the back of the head or the sides of the head are being removed and replaced where it is needed I the front, temples or at the balled spot. This is depending on the type of hair loss the patient is experiencing. The amount of grafts that the patient needs to have transplanted are very different. In one session, a max of 3500 graft can be transplanted. The procedure of the hair transplantation will last 6-8 hours be depending on the amount of grafts.

Every graft is removed and transplanted one by one and that is the reason why the result can get so unbelievable natural in the end. The procedure is being done under local anesthesia and will not be painful.

Hair transplant Turkey

Not only are Turkey one of the best places in the world to get a hair transplantation done it is also a very cultural and beautiful city. With our package solution, it can be evident to stay a little longer. Many of our patients choose to do so and experience the city while they are there.

The great advantage with the package solution is that you do not need to worry about anything but the flight tickets. We take care of 4-stared hotel, transportation to/from airport and clinic, contact person etc. during the hair transplantation trip to Turkey.

In our attached clinic, the level of professionalism is very high and the treatment are being executed with great expertise.

Why hair transplantation

Many men and women experience hair loss. It is most often men who are in need and wants a hair transplant. Hair loss for men are in most cases genetically caused and it can be hard to prevent from happening. There are different types of products who can help stop the hair loss or make the existing hair fuller and stimulate the scalp. With the help of these you can prevent the hair loss to develop further at the time being, but you can never fight your genetics. If your hair loss has been going on for a long time a hair transplantation helps many people to not feel insecure about their hair any longer. It is an investment for a lifetime that will give you back your confidence.

After the hair transplant it can be very helpful to use different types of products or supplements to make sure that the healing process and the growing process are good. Different types of shampoo and serum will nurture the scalp and make the blood flow in the scalp better. When the blood flow is good and active even more nurture can be delivered to all the new placed grafts, and so they can grow healthy nurtured hair.

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